Are You Using A Watermark?

On my photographs, you can find the watermark in the lower left-hand corner

View From Deck September 21st 2014: GPS 47°25’4″ N 122°20’37” W

Not using a watermark, then please consider the following:

1) A watermark brands your images. The watermark is your signature, and it identifies the image as yours. Also, if viewers find your work interesting, they will know how to identify and seek out your work.

2) A watermark promotes your work. The watermark is doing triple duty. It promotes both yourself, your work, and your business.

3) A watermark protects your work. No one wants someone taking their work and branding it as their own. Watermarks are not foolproof, and they can be removed. However, if someone removes a watermark to use an image, they can no longer claim it was just an honest mistake.

4) A recognizable brand improves the monetization of your work. Successful branding, promotion, and protection of your work is a requirement for a successful business.

Adding a watermark is easy in Lightroom’s publishing services. In Lightroom’s Publishing Manager select any publishing service, such as Flickr. Then scroll to the bottom of the window, and choose the watermark you wish to use. Hence, every time you publish an image with that service, Lightroom will add your watermark.

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