Build Your Brand On Social Media With Chris Burkard

Build Your Following On Social Media With Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard’s surf, landscape, and travel photography have been featured in magazines for years, but it could a frustrating experience. He would spend time preparing, researching and ultimately trekking to the far corners of the world to make photos and tell the story of these remote and special places only to find that story truncated in the compressed number of pages available in print magazines.

In seeking a platform where he could bring these stories…his stories… and all of the sounds, smells, and emotions of what it’s like to be right there, Burkard discovered social media.

At the same time s, cial media found him.

In this video, Sony Artisan of Imagery Chris Burkard shows how he takes his experiences in the field and shares them with an ever-growing and engaged audience. He describes how to stay in the moment while remaining connected and he gives specific tips and techniques, including his Number One Rule of Social Media, to create and expand your audience.

Source: Build Your Brand On Social Media With Chris Burkard | Sony | Alpha Universe

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