Sony α9 Is it a true Pro Option?

Sony α9 Is it a true Pro Option?

Is the Sony α9 a true option for the professional photographer? Of course, the answer is it depends. The design of any camera is a compromise and balance of specifications. Every photographer has different needs and is invested in a line of equipment.

At the very least, the Sony α9 must have Canon and Nikon a little concerned.

The Seitz Roundshot VR Drive (panoramic head)  has a quality mode and a speed mode. In quality mode,  the camera stops at every position to take an image. While in speed mode the VR Drive moves continuously, and the camera shutter speed is used to freeze the image. With its high shutter speeds and high frames rate, the Sony α9 will take the VR Drives speed mode to a new level.


Source: Sony A9 – Is it a true Pro Option?? – YouTube

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