360° Imaging

For the last 2 months, I have been involved with 360° imaging for e-commerce. I have been working with Joshua Tree Depot and Ashley Karic to produce 360° product images.

This Joshua Tree Depot blog post highlights some of my early work with their products.

When I began to work on the projected, I needed to obtain a photographic turntable. Since I would not only be working with mannequins but also models I needed a turntable that could take at least 200 lbs load.

I ended up selecting the Crayfish 55 by Seabass. This turntable can handle up to 140 kg (over 300 lbs) and easily interfaces to Nikon, Canon, or Sony cameras.

My lighting was already taken care of, as I already own an Elinchrom Quadra Ranger RX flash system.

I like and use Lastolite products. For the product rotations, the background needs to be back lite. Therefore, for background lighting, I used the Lastolite Hilite Background 7′ X 8′ fed by a single Elinchrom Quadra Ranger RX flash.

My central light was an Ezybox II Switch softbox set up as a 117 x 44 cm fed by a single Elinchrom Quadra Ranger RX flash. The light was positioned directly in front of the turntable just behind and above the camera.

Each rotation consists of 36 images and took around 2-minutes to shoot- I had a 3-second delay between each shutter release to allow for flash recharging.

After shooting the images, I used Lightroom and Photoshop for editing.

To easiest way to have images rotating on your site is to use Sirv.com to serve your images. Once linked to your site you will have full interactive control.

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