Applied Photographic Optics

Applied Photographic Optics by Sidney F. Ray is a comprehensive and well-structured text on optical devices used in still and motion photography.

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The book is divided into 69 topics arranged into 3 sections: “Optical Theory,”  “Lens Types and Properties” and “Photographic Optical Systems.”

Throughout the book, Ray clearly defines terms and points out the salient features of the photographic optical system being considered. Where needed, Ray provides diagrams; tabulated data; graphical data; and mathematical formula.

By the very nature of the topic, the book gets highly technical in places. Concepts and ideas are made accessible by Ray’s straightforward, clear, and concise writing style.

The subject material is easily found: the book has a complete contents and index. Besides, each section’s reference material is cited; and further reading materials are recommended.

If, as a photographer, you have a keen interest in expanding your understanding of optics as applied in photography; and are looking for a comprehensive and accessible text then I highly recommend this book.

I own the third edition of this book.

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