Assembling Panoramic Photos

Assembling Panoramic Photos: A Designer’s Notebook 1st Edition describes in great detail the methods used by 8 different photographers to assemble photographic images into a panorama.

In this book, the photographers use Photoshop, Stitcher, Panotools, and 3DS Max.

The book was published in 2005, and some of the techniques are out of date. However, much of the information in the book remains pertinent:

1) Scouting out locations, and image planning.

2) What time to shoot.

3) Equipment selection: camera, lens, tripod, tripod head, etc.

4) Setting the exposure.

5) Image manipulation and touching up techniques.

One of my favorite studios (The book’s chapters are divided into studios, and the studios are divided into stages.) in the book is “Studio 05 Urban Sphere” by Sasha Popovic. Here Popovic explains, “the spherical treatment would produce an original and aesthetic point of view. Each stage of “Studio 05” is used to explain the image creation process. In particular, “Spherizing” the panorama (Stage 4) was perspicacious: I enjoyed playing around with Photoshop’s polar coordinates distort filter.

I purchased this book in 2014, and I highly recommend it.

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