The panoramic image is more widespread today than in the past. Therefore, language needs to expand to better explain various aspects of panoramism.

Please consider the following words:

  1. Panorama is the extended pictorial representation of a scene.
  2. Panorametry is making measurements from a panoramic image. For example, forensics, construction, or radiography.
  3. Panoramism is the actions, practices, state, principles, or characteristics relating to the panorama.
  4. Panoramist is a person who is concerned with the panorama. Is also used to describe a painter of panoramas
  5. Panoramograph a panoramic image generated using photographic techniques.
  6. Panoramographer is a person who generates a panorama.
  7. Panoramography using photographic methods to record a panorama.

Believe it or not, I did not make up any of these words- they are all in use. For example, panorama can mean a complete survey of a subject; therefore, panoramism could be described as the actions, practices, state, principles, or characteristics relating to that subject.

Any other definitions?


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