Roundshot VR Drive

The Roundshot VR Drive, made by Seitz in Switzerland, is an automated panoramic head. It captures a series of images based on the parameters programmed into the unit by the user. The captured images are then downloaded onto a computer where they are stitched together to form the panoramic image.

The Roundshot VR Drive features:

  1. Compatible with a wide range of cameras- the user must supply the camera.
  2. Spherical (360 X 180) and cylindrical panoramas.
  3. In Quality Mode the camera is stopped in every position to capture a image.
  4. In Speed Mode the camera is rotated non-stop, and high shutter speed to capture the images.
  5. In Turntable Mode the camera captures the images of rotating object for object movies.
  6. In Time Lapse Mode the camera captures a sequence of images which are then composed into a time lapse movie.
  7. In Video Mode the VR Drive can perform smooth automated sweeps.
  8. In HDR Mode the camera’s exposure is directly controlled by the VR Drive to enable wider bracketing for 32 bit HDR images

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