Sheraton Desert Oasis May 2017

I have finally sorted and cataloged all the panoramic images I took on my recent trip to Utah and Arizona. There are approximately 170 panoramas, and I have just begun the rendering.

On our last day in Arizona, I decided to record the state of our rooms at the Sheraton Desert Oasis. Those familiar with the second law of thermodynamics will understand what is going on here.

All of these images are 360° x 150° and they were shot with the Roundshot VR Drive, Sony A7Sii, and the Voigtlander 10 mm lens. Each panorama consists of 36 (12 x 3) images. The panoramas were rendered using Kolor Autopano Giga 4.4, and the final HDR images were rendered using Photomatix Pro 5.1.3. Photoshop was used for final touch up, and to remove the tripod.

On the deck panorama just about the sliding door, the shadow of the Roundshot VR Drive can be seen. Here I was using a new railing clamp rather than a tripod- the clamp can not be seen by the camera (unlike the tripod).

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