Joshua Tree National Park 360 X 180-Degree Images

In September 2016, my wife and I visited Joshua Tree National Park. At the time, I took several 360 X 180-degree images, but I had not processed them as spherical panoramas.

I had to go back to the original image tiles and create the new 360 X 180-degree rectilinear panoramas. Each image was taken as a bracket of 3-images (-2 EV, 0 EV, and +2 EV). Therefore, each final panorama consists of a bracket of 3. The final HDR (High Dynamic Range) image was rendered in Photomatix Pro 6.0.

After rendering the HDR panoramas, the next step of was to edit the zenith images (straight up) and the nadir image (straight down). This is easiest done in Pano2VR . The rectilinear image is loaded into Pano2VR software, and it generates the spherical panorama. You can move to any area of the panorama to extract a patch that can be edited in your favorite image editor.

Here are the rectilinear images of the 360 X 180-degree panoramas:

Here are the same images show as spherical panoramas:

All images can be viewed on Flickr.

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