Utah And Arizona Trip 2017 Part 7

Our trip allowed 1-day visiting Arches National Park, and next time I would allow at least 3-days. This allows for a more leisurely visit and to plan for the unexpected. On the day we visited, the Devil’s Garden Road was closed.

Furthermore, many of the popular sites soon are overrun with your fellow sightseers, and patience is needed in waiting your turn. Check out the image of  Sand Dune Arch. What you do not see is the crowd of people politely waiting for their turn.

I took 2-cylindrical panoramas.

The Upper Delicate Arch Viewpoint has fewer visitors but is far from the arch.

The Windows Road parking was jammed, so my wife climbed up to a vacant area. From this point, you can see The Windows Road, Parade of Elephants, Owl Rock, Balanced Rock, and the Denali.

All images can be viewed on Flickr.




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